After You Surf the Web, Sprinkles for Kids

In today’s digital age, you can do almost anything online, from networking to reading the news and (to paraphrase the Devex slogan) doing good. Now, some of the latest IT and marketing wizardry is combining pleasure with a purpose — by allowing you to, well, do good by simply surfing the web.

The latest example: an application that converts the hours a person spends online into money for health projects.

All that’s needed to use LazyAngel is for you to download it, sign up and then browse the Internet as usual…

33 Entrepreneurs Who Make This World A Better Place

Here are 33 people we have interviewed who are changing the world for the better. There is no ranking. There is no competition. And there is no scientific formula; just great people we’ve gotten to know through IdeaMensch who we want to share with you. There are social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, an investor, a soldier, animal rights advocates, authors and even a reverend on our list. The one thing they all have in common: they are all doing work that is making this world a better place…

Emile Cureau and Rachel Cope – Co-Founders LazyAngel

LazyAngel co-founders Emile Cureau and Rachel Cope are developing a charitable web app that allows Internet users to fight child malnutrition for free.  With long days, late nights and relentless determination, they are “hacking” charity and making it easier for people to do good.

Emile’s life’s purpose is to create perpetual motion machines that leverage philanthropic action. He wants to make it easier for altruistic people to do good and to deliver a bigger impact for their efforts…

Rachel Cope, Co-Founder of Lazy Angel

We featured a social business profile of Lazy Angel last year, and today we’re going in for a deep dive with an interview with Rachel Cope, who co-founded the social business with Emile Cureau….

LazyAngel, solidaridad para vagos

Hay personas que no tienen mal corazón. Sencillamente carecen del tiempo o de la voluntad para echar una mano a quien lo necesita. ¿Dónde queda ya esa excusa? En la taza del váter. Rachel Cope y Emile Cureau han creado un proyecto de cooperación que recauda fondos para la lucha contra la malnutrición a través de un complemento para el navegador web. Lo mejor: el usuario no tiene que mover un dedo.


Ads That Nourish Kids

LazyAngel Browser Add-on Easily Fight Malnutrition.

If you could solve a major world issue simply by permitting ads to show up at the bottom of your screen while online, would you do it?

That’s the premise behind Lazy Angel, an extension that places unobtrusive ads at the bottom of web browsers and allows people to do good passively.


For every six weeks of Web surfing, six months’ worth of child nutrition

LazyAngel is a new project enabling web users to help fight child malnutrition by installing a free, downloadable browser toolbar.

Poor nutrition is a major problem in the developing world, and it’s particularly acute among children. That’s a big part of the motivation behind LazyAngel, a new project enabling web users to help fight child malnutrition by installing a free, downloadable browser toolbar.